What are dental implants?

Dental implants are the most advanced and ideal way to replace missing teeth and restore well-being.

Small titanium screws are screwed into the jaw under the gums to replace lost teeth. Titanium is used for dental implants because of its compatibility with the human body and it causes no allergic reactions. Implant abutments and crowns, which are mounted on top of implants, precisely imitate the natural shape of the tooth, while functioning and ensuring the necessary comfort just like a natural tooth.

By applying modern implantation techniques based on computerised planning and with the additional support of surgical guides, our clinic offers professional dental implantation procedures. This technology allows us to carry out procedures without cutting the gums during the implantation and afterwards.


Why are dental implants necessary?

It is necessary to replace a lost tooth, as the implant prevents bone loss. The bone eventually becomes thinner in the area of a lost tooth. Also, a lost tooth can result in difficulty chewing or feeling embarrassed to smile. Teeth adjacent to the gap do not have the necessary support and will become mobile, resulting in a situation where it is difficult to maintain oral hygiene; also, the shape of the face may change.

The dental implant is a replacement for a natural dental root. Once a dental implant is integrated with the jaw, a prosthetic implant part – or abutment   is attached on top of the implant above the gums. Later, this will serve as a base for a crown, bridge or dental prosthesis.

An implant that has fully grown into a jaw provides a very firm base for a dental crown, bridge or prosthesis that is immobile to ensure natural speech, effective and painless chewing, the best aesthetic results and, most importantly, improved self-confidence.

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How can we help?

Implant of a single tooth – an individual implant can be attached for patients who are missing a single tooth. This implant will work the same as a natural tooth when a crown is mounted on top.

Bridge supported by implants – traditional bridges are mounted in certain places when several neighbouring teeth are missing. A bridge supported by implants can be mounted directly in the gap, while at the same time keeping any marginal teeth that remain next to the gap safe and healthy.

Dental prosthesis supported by implants – this is an alternative to removable dentures. Full or partial dentures will be mounted on the heads of several implants. Patient will no longer experience any troubles associated with dentures falling out while speaking or eating. Dentures supported by implants will improve the patient’s smile and require less repairs than traditional dentures.


Stages of teeth implantation

During the first visit, an analysis of the implantation site is carried out using 3D X-ray images and an intra-oral scan of the jaw. By considering the pre-existing bone characteristics, a surgical implantation guide is modelled and printed by a 3D printer, which allows the physician to carry out the implantation without cutting the gums.

During the second visit (it can be scheduled for the next day) an implant is screwed into the bone of the upper or lower jaw that will serve as a support for the tooth restoration. The implant is left for 2-4 months to completely integrate with the bone.

During the third visit (after 2-4 months) a digital scan of the implant position is carried out. This is required for the production of a dental crown that will not differ from your own teeth in terms of its colour, shape and size.

During the fourth visit, once the implant has firmly bonded with the bone, a dental crown, bridge or denture is mounted on top.


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Frequently asked questions

How long are dental implants guaranteed?

We are able to offer a lifetime guarantee to our implant products, but this guarantee will be reduced or invalidated:

If oral hygiene is neglected;

If the patient does not have a routine dental check-up and professional cleaning at least once a year (Invoice required);

If the dentists’ instructions are not followed;

If gum tissue or bone reseeds;

If there is a general illness occurring that has negative effects on the dental condition (for example diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, condition after x-rays or chemotherapy);

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