Modern technologies – to ensure your convenient,
comfortable and high quality treatment.

Benefits of digital dentistry

This advanced treatment uses modern dental technologies that allow for the security and comfort of the patient during the treatment, which is very important for us, while achieving a desirable result that will last for many years.

  • An intra-oral dental 3D laser with a 19 microns precision ensures the fastest, most convenient and precise treatment. High accuracy and functionality of the ceramic restorations are guaranteed. Dental impressions and the production of casts are not required with this technology.
  • The equipment uses a modern technology to scan the teeth for information about details of the bite, the neighbouring teeth or the surface morphology of a healthy tooth, and then develops a restoration for the damaged tooth with the correct shape, colour and direction.
  • If some important information is lacking, the software will create the shape and other parameters of a damaged tooth on the basis of scientific research data.
  • When the model of the tooth is ready in the computer, precise data about the model is transferred to the CEREX MC XL PREMIUM milling machine. This machine mills the precise tooth restoration from ceramic (porcelain) in just 10-15 minutes, and it is ready for insertion.
  • Digital 3D X-ray and intra-oral digital cameras allow us to make a precise and accurate diagnosis of the disease and a treatment plan.
  • 3D intra-oral scanning is also used for the production of surgical guides, which are used for very precise and immediate implantations without any gum cutting. Surgical guides are printed individually for each patient with a 3D printer.
  • Digital technology is also used for teeth alignment. Thin and clear aligners are produced by using 3D scanning and  printing to achieve comfortable and invisible teeth straightening in the jaw.

Applications of digital dentistry in our clinic

At our clinic, we specialise in aesthetic dentistry and implantology. We use some of the most advanced solutions in digital dentistry in these areas.

Dantu implantacija
Dantu protezavimas
Dantu tiesinimas

3D dental ceramic restorations made with the CEREC system are more precise, produced faster and are of longer durability.

In just one visit – metal-free dental restorations are produced in minutes that are strong, precise, and are characterised by good durability and a perfect aesthetic appearance.


Why it is worth choosing CEREC 3D technology?

If you need a dental prosthetic restoration, teeth alignment correction or a dental implantation procedure, these 3D technologies will significantly shorten and ease the treatment process while ensuring longer durability of the achieved result.

Using the 3D image created by an intra-oral scanner, we can produce metal-free crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, laminates and also implants. The obtained construction will fit precisely onto the tooth surface, and no additional reduction of the healthy tooth is required.

Furthermore, forget any fears you may have regarding a new or altered shape of your tooth. The dental restorations produced by the CEREC system will maintain the individual anatomic fingerprint of the tooth, so that its appearance is very natural. Even a highly experienced dental technician would not be able to produce such an exact copy.

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