Dental implants

Quick and precise teeth implantation procedure, performed almost painlessly, without cutting the gum.

Crown and bridge work

Precise ceramic restorations: crowns and bridges, made using advanced technology 3D software.

Aesthetic dental fillings

Elimination of teeth defects, or the correction of the teeth's shape, colour and arrangement.

Teeth whitening

Fast, painless and professional teeth whitening through a safe and effective method.

Root canal treatment and teeth fillings

Dental root canal treatment and re-treatment using digital technologies.

Professional oral hygiene

Teeth plaque removal in order to retain healthy mouth and avoid teeth problems.

Orthodontic treatment

Invisible teeth straightening with clear aligners using most advanced 3D technologies.

Children’s dentistry

Treatment of children's teeth, consultations on preventive care and proper oral hygiene.

Prevent oral diseases and tooth decay through modern dental diagnostics – we will examine your teeth using an intra-oral camera and carry out X-rays with computerised investigations.

Why is it worth choosing us?

We offer all types of dental treatment. We apply modern digital technologies for therapeutic and endodontic treatment, dental implantations, prosthetic dental procedures, aesthetic dental treatment, orthodontic treatment, professional oral hygiene, teeth whitening, treatment of children’s teeth and preventive care.

  • The main reason why more than 1000 patients from different countries visit our Odontika clinic is our commitment to immediate and professional dental treatment.
  • With our team of qualified professionals, modern digital dental equipment, and the newest technologies that ensure high quality and flexible treatment times, we offer different solutions ranging from simple aesthetic corrections and oral hygiene, to more complex prosthetic and surgical procedures.

Professional dentists in our dental clinic

Only highly qualified and very experienced professionals are employed at the odontology clinic

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