An opportunity to have your teeth treated during a weekend

Both patients from foreign countries and Lithuanians living abroad choose to attend our clinic, as we provide an opportunity to solve your problem within the shortest period of time, during just a weekend or a vacation week spent in Lithuania. This is a splendid option for those who cannot spend a longer period of time here.

With our team of professional physicians, modern digital dental equipment, reasonable prices combined with high quality treatment and flexible schedules, we can offer different types of treatment, ranging from simple aesthetic corrections and oral hygiene up to endoprosthetic procedures and oral surgery.

The CEREC technology used in our clinic is the key to how a dental crown can be produced in 60 minutes. We are happy when we see our patients smiling.


Our dental treatment services

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Why is it worth choosing our clinic?

Our specialisation is an immediate and professional dental treatment. More than 1000 patients from different countries visit our clinic every year. Our professional dentists will ensure a high quality treatment through their faultless work. We are able to offer flexible schedules, in combination with lower treatment costs and even accommodation services.

By applying modern digital dental technologies we can offer all types of dental treatment: therapeutic and endodontic treatment, implantations, prosthetic dental work, aesthetic teeth filling, orthodontic treatment, professional oral hygiene, teeth whitening,  treatment of children’s teeth and preventive care.


Professional dentists in our dental clinic

Only highly qualified and very experienced professionals are employed at the odontology clinic

Information regarding your arrival and accommodation

FAQ: About CEREC system

FAQ: About dental implants