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If you need emergency dental care – such as fixing a broken or painful tooth, or if you are experiencing acute inflammation, just contact us. In such cases we will schedule a time when we can accept you as an emergency patient.

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What should you know when registering for emergency care?


If you are calling to arrange an emergency visit, you should inform our administrator that you are suffering from pain; or if you have an aesthetic problem rather than pain, please tell us that you need a tooth restoration procedure.

Scheduling your visit

The physicians working in our clinic always try their best to see patients requiring emergency care during the same day. However, in some cases you may have to wait. If you are suffering from severe pain you will receive an injection of an anaesthetic upon your arrival that will enable you to wait until a physician has time to perform the necessary treatment.


If pain has developed due to an infected tooth, or as a result of deep caries or a broken tooth, devitalising medicines are usually placed into the tooth during your emergency visit and a temporary filling is applied. Your next visit will then be scheduled.

In the case of a chipped  or broken tooth, the restoration can be carried out at once, if there is sufficient time available at the clinic. By using the CEREC system we can produce a metal-free ceramic restoration in just 10-15 minutes.