What is professional oral hygiene?

This is a procedure that is carried out in the office of a dentist or an oral hygienist. Dental plaque and pigments are removed during the procedure, while the surfaces of the teeth and fillings are polished.

This procedure helps to prevent gum inflammation and bleeding, eliminates bad breath and prevents  sensitivity of the teeth. Individual means for oral hygiene are selected during the procedure and patients are trained to brush and take care of their teeth properly.

A modern and very mild polishing powder for oral tissues is used in our clinic. Its alkaline effect prevents dental caries and reduces the likelihood of gum inflammation. The particles in the powder are not sharp, and they will not scratch the surface of the teeth. The teeth naturally become lighter and whiter after the procedure.


Why is oral hygiene necessary?

One of the reasons for the development of caries, gingivitis and periodontitis is dental plaque and the microorganisms present in the plaque. They cause oral diseases and at the same time have a negative influence on your general health, cardiovascular system, joints and a foetus during pregnancy.

If the soft tartar is not removed, it will become further mineralised to form hard dental plaque, which interferes with the natural mouth cleaning mechanisms and traps bacteria. This creates the conditions for continuous gum inflammation and periodontal issues, with the demineralisation of the enamel and the development of bad breath.

Therefore professional dental hygiene is an ideal protection from oral diseases, discolouration of teeth and bad mouth breath.

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How can we help?

It is recommended to see an oral hygienist at least twice per year, irrespective of the condition of your oral cavity.

In some exceptional cases, when a patient has a tendency towards plaque formation, is suffering from a chronic disease, is a smoker or wears a non-removable orthodontic device, professional oral hygiene is recommended every 2-4 months.


How is professional oral hygiene carried out?

A procedure takes about 30 minutes. The duration of the procedure depends on the condition of the patient’s oral health, the amount of dental plaque, and additional procedures as anaesthesia or the application of fluoride products, as well as on the patient’s general health and well-being. A prophylactic examination is carried out before the procedure to assess the general condition of the mouth and teeth.

The first stage involves the removal of hard plaque using a modern ultrasonic scaler. The second stage is the removal of soft tartar and pigment (nicotine, coffee, tea) coverings by applying a solution of soda (calcium carbonate) particles combined with water and pressurised air. Special instruments and polishing powders are used for the areas around implants. The teeth and fillings are polished at the end of the procedure.


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