When should you see a dentist?

It is necessary to see a dentist after the eruption of the first tooth (at 6-8 months of age). A dentist will show you how to brush your child’s teeth and will explain an appropriate nutrition regimen.

This visit is important, as the dentist will select a suitable toothpaste containing fluoride. Children under three years of age are not able to rinse their mouth, so the amount of fluoride should not exceed 500 ppm.

The levels of fluoride in the drinking water at your place of residence will be considered when selecting a fluoride containing tooth paste. The fluoride in the toothpaste will help the milk teeth remain healthy and will support the development of stronger permanent teeth – the rudiments of these are already present in the jaw.


When is the treatment of children's teeth necessary?

It is necessary to treat even minor decay in milk teeth. Untreated milk teeth might cause pain, and if an infection reaches a dental nerve and destroys it, an abscess might develop, resulting in pain and swelling. This condition is severe, as any infection of the head area, especially in children, can lead to complications.

The very important first permanent molar is not resistant to caries. The full development of the hard tissue of this tooth is very complicated, as the maturation of these teeth starts shortly after birth. It has been discovered that caries in adults will affect different groups of teeth, but the teeth most commonly affected are those that were insufficiently mature in a childhood as the result of some type of disease.

The timely treatment of teeth is very important; however the prevention of caries by applying prophylactics is also very significant. If you take care, your child will enjoy a smile with beautiful, white and healthy teeth, and will not know what a toothache is.

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Covering teeth with sealants

To prevent the development of caries in your child’s permanent teeth that have just erupted we recommend covering them with sealants.

Sealants are substances that seal the dental anatomical fissures and pits, and prevent the development of caries in these areas. It is much easier to cover the teeth with sealants than to treat them, and it is a painless procedure that lasts just a few minutes.

The hardened sealant makes a mechanical barrier between the tooth and harmful factors in the mouth cavity (bacteria and the acids produced by these bacteria). Even if some bacteria still remain in the dental notches, they will not be supplied with nutrients, and are not able to proliferate and produce acids. Moreover, the fluoride present in the sealants is involved in the enamel mineralisation.


How to prepare your child for a visit to a dentist?

We recommend scheduling a visit to the dentist in the morning, when your child is full of energy and in a good mood. It is important to check the teeth of our smallest patients at least twice per year, and to visit the dentist before a toothache develops, as small holes are easier to treat than deep caries.

Sometimes, one or several visits are required for impressionable children to become acquainted with the environment and the physician, and to explain the process of dental treatment. Usually, we do this in a playful way, such as by taking a photo of a “worm” sitting in a tooth with an intra-oral camera. We give a small toy to each little patient as a reward for his or her courage after each successful tooth filling.

A positive attitude from parents and allowing for sufficient time is very important for a successful treatment. We also like to ask parents to avoid frightening their child with a visit to dentist by saying: “If you refuse to brush your teeth you will have to see the dentist,” etc.

Other dental treatment services

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Children’s dentistry

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